Katie Harbour released her first project in 2017, but she has been honing her craft since long before. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Katie is classically trained in piano and is a self-taught guitarist. She began performing live at small venues in her hometown in 2013 and has built a foundation of support in her community over the years. In 2017, Katie moved to Montreal, Quebec. It was there that she refined her talent for songwriting, drawing from both tragedies and triumphs that she experienced in these transformative years. Although her roots are in acoustic singer-songwriter music, over the years she has developed this sound into modern R&B, supported by high-level production and complex songwriting. Katie is influenced by pioneering artists both in the realm of R&B and beyond, like Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, SZA and Jorja Smith.  

In May 2020, Katie Harbour released her first R&B EP, What She Wants. Shortly after its release, Katie moved back to her hometown of Hamilton and found inspiration in this new stage of her life. Writing songs every day and building connections with talented producers, Katie is hard at work on her next project; her debut single in this next stage of her life is entitled “motivation” and is coming out in October.  This is only the beginning for Katie Harbour – she intends to take the world by storm in 2023.